Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The latest additions to Vansh's vocab ...

... are the words 'maintenance' and 'refreshing'. Impressive, huh!!

The other day, Vansh jiggled out of his room, balancing a kind of big car holding it with one hand and its remote tucked in beneath his arm and in a thick tone said to me, "Mummy, 'nemance' uncle hai Vansh, theek kar diya!" (Mom, I am the maintenance uncle and I have fixed it!) Apparently he was imitating an apartment maintenance guy who had come in the morning to look at the heating unit which was making some noise. The big guys in uniform are THE rockstars for our little guy :)


The other craze is 'Moe Doodle' from the 'Doodlebops' and his act of pulling the rope in each episode which results in a big load of water landing on his head which he shakes off with a fervent nod and mouths 'Refreshing'! To be able to act the same way, Vansh demands the pail of water be emptied on his head with a thud and off he goes "Refreshing". My laugh is greeted with a sheepish "Funny guy"!!

He's our cute little funny guy indeed!! :)

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