Thursday, November 11, 2010


Its been close to 8 long months since I posted last. Needless to say, so many things have happened. The kids have gone ahead and grown by leaps and bounds :) The prominent thought that clouds my mind these days is how much worse could be the teen years after all. I mean they assert themselves on what they want to wear when and where including at night, take off their jacket as soon as they get on the school bus because they anyway wore it only because I fought and insisted, on the way they want their hair to be styled, again style it the way they want as soon as they get on the school bus even if I somehow coax them into styling it the decent way. I mean is there going to be any more to it than this. God only knows how I am going to handle it!
Apart from the fights, there are good things happening too! For one, Vansh has learnt the significance of touching elders' feet. The idea has dawned on him gradually. 'You touch dadi's feet on Diwali, she gives you a 500 rupee note'. Let me try it with nana nani in the evening. Oh wow, they do the same. Thats easy!! Oh I can do that for Crax or Kurkure as well! Why didn't someone tell me that earlier! So its feet touching galore these days in these parts of the world :)
Jiya on the other hand has it even easier. Touch feet, but why? I can get the same results with a tantrum! Its an easy small one with grandma. Mom is a slightly tougher nut to crack, but crack she does, you know with a more long drawn one!
As for her shyness, things have started looking up just a teeny bit. She now greets her teachers she has been meeting for over 9 months now at her playschool with a smile. And my friends, some of whom she has been meeting for close to 2 years now at the park sometimes get a nod when they ask her a question.
Dressing up continues to be a hot favorite. She can practically wear a lehnga every single day with much joy with bangles and earrings to match. Throw in a neck piece and she'll be on top of the world unrelentingly posing for the camera.
Commonwealth games were a huge hit with Vansh and continue to be a hot favorite dominating his conversation with anybody along with Kaun Banega Crorepati. Combine both and you get a very interesting mix of questions that he throws at family members and visiting guests after inviting them to sit on the hot seat. But he's a patriot first, you know. So the answer to the question, 'Who won the most medals at Commonwealth Games 2010?' would be met with a 'Galat Jawab' if you answer Australia instead of India :)
So that was my latest update and my come back post. Lots more to say and intend to say I do much more regularly from now on since I am home again after a short stint at work.