Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apple tree craft

We hosted an apple tree craft activity today for our MOMS club friends. A couple of my friends and their kids were over. The big old forgetful one that I am being these days, it struck me that I should have taken pictures only after they left. So I engaged Vansh once again and took a few :)

We used -

- Tempera poster paints (I got a great idea of mixing some liquid soap in the paint to make it easily washable from clothes, etc)

- small sponge pieces

- clothepin to hold the sponge pieces

- duct tape taped to the end of a pen to paint small apples

And here's what we got :


My Memories said...

great idea, wud have clicked pitures yaar, how can u forget.any way , next time.


Gauri said...

Just wanted to say that you have two adorable kids :-) and the apple tree craft by Vansh is simply super duper :-)