Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life's been busy...

...the past week with both the kids, leaving me with no time to write about our daily hustle bustle. We have been getting out more now, considering the last few weeks of being able to go outdoors before winter strikes BIG time. Last evening when we went for a walk with the outside temperature being 10 degrees, it took us half an hour to get everybody dressed making me nervous as to what's going to happen when we have to put on one layer after another to beat the -15 outside. The few minutes from the car to the mall/store demand an elaborate dressing up and undressing amounting to more time doing that than the time spent outside.

Anyways, ECFE re-started yesterday for Vansh. He sure had fun in the two year olds class. This year the separation is total. The moms are with the kids for the initial half an hour and while the kids eat their snack at the end of the half hour, we move to another room to be with the parent educator for an hour. (Last year, we used to be in a sort of a compartment attached to the children's room where they were free to come and go.) We were able to observe them from the window (the flashy kinds that were all over on cars in Delhi where one can see from inside out but not vice versa) and with the exception of a couple of kids facing some difficulty separating, it was heartening to see the rest do so well. Vansh did look a little confused initially and I could read his lips calling for me after he finished his snack but after a teacher helped him throw the napkin, glass, etc after his snack, he was fine and played happily. I have a feeling this year this class is going to do him much good in terms of playing peacefully(!!) with other children, sharing, taking turns ..all those golden words we hope they'll get someday! I heard him shouting once and many kids after that and I was so sure he had started the whole fracas but later the teacher told us that the bubbles had invited all the squeals! I'll take some pictures soon and post them here. As for Jiya, well everytime I go out alone with both the kids, I learn something new, the calculation as to when to feed Jiya so she stays calm in class (I am allowed to take her till she turns 6 months after which she'll be in the sibling care classroom a few rooms away); the juggling of time to get one kid ready when the other sleeps and such other things in order to avoid what I had to do yesterday after comimg back - feed Vansh with one hand and Jiya with the other.

I do have a few nice pictures to share from my b'day though. We went out for dinner to a Vietnamese restaurant and managed to dine successfully with 2 kids in tow ..quite an achievement!!

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Anonymous said...

tell me more bout ECFE, like how many hrs in a day, how many days, what they do, what u learn, charges? etc....i know u posted before about this but its totally out of my mind now.