Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Appreciating Papa ...

Jiya and Vansh thank their doting papa for the fun and loving moments he spends pampering them, juggling between his work and home responsibilities and accomplishing them to the tee.
- Vansh wants him to sit down with him and make downtown with his blocks as soon as he comes back home from his downtown office :) He happily obliges.
- Vansh loves to cycle with help from Ashwini at our evening walks.
- Playing ball, running with dad are Vansh's favorites when we go out to parks.
- Reading a book and then asking for 'just one more' and being granted the wish by the indulgent dad is part of Vansh's bedtime routine these days.
- Our little Jiya, whom Ashwini lovingly calls Miss Universe also senses the ultra-attention showered by dad and expresses in her own little ways her fancy of spending the evenings (and weekends) in his lap even though she is happy playing by herself the rest of the day.

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