Sunday, September 16, 2007

Its been 2-1/2 years ...

..Wow!! Time sure does fly! As Vansh celebrates another half birthday, his third(!!), a few updates on what he is upto these days ...

- Is becoming more and more aware of feelings and emotions. He understands when he does something which angers us or makes us sad from our facial expressions. And takes corrective steps like saying sorry or lowering his volume when he upsets us by shouting.

- The picture is not always so rosy, however! The "terrible two's" continue big time (better than before though, I have to admit! :) - so its still screaming and tantrums galore - but then he's just acting his age and as long as he makes an effort towards expressing his anger in acceptable ways, I am more than happy. Its heartening to see him raise his hand as an impulse to hit one of us when he's angry and then just hit it in the air and whine a little. Similarly, if he gets angry at the table during a meal, he now hits the table and cries a little as opposed to giving a hard blow to his food filled plate landing it on the carpet in a mess.

- Is becoming fiercely independent. From wanting to go to the toilet to pee all by himself one day to taking off his shorts the next and putting them on by himself the day after that, he is asking for less and less help with every passing day. Its encouraging to see your little one grow into an independent toddler, no doubt, but at the same time a little saddening to a mother's heart to hear her child saying "No mummy!" to things that he needed help with till yesterday.

- Is being such a good and responsible big brother. Its magical to see the look of concern on his face on the rare occasions when Jiya cries too hard. With his increasing repertoire of words, he now asks her "क्यों रो रही है?"; "दुदू पीना है?"; "sad है?"; runs to tell me at her first whimper when she wakes up from her nap; tries to involve her in each and every activity that he is doing at least by telling her what he is doing.

- The latest passion is the movie 'Cars' which he calls 'Mo car' in short. Is just so excited on the weekend because he knows he'll get to watch it then. Speaks phrases 'Ka Chow', 'Stop it' (!!) and noises 'Vrooom', 'Zoom' from the movie very often.

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Parul said...

Hello - your name was alongside mine on India Blogs so I came to check you out. Nice blog and nicer kids :D

Happy to meet you here!