Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The wonder named ECFE!

I cannot stop raving about the marvels of ECFE this year and its not without reason. It was incredible to observe the kids in their classroom from the parent room today at. Stephanie, the parent educator has told us that we shall be having such observation sessions every 2-3 weeks where in we switch off the lights in our room so the view in the adjoining well lit children's room is absolutely clear. So about 15 minutes prior to the class ending, Miss Nadi, the kids' superstar teacher tapped the window to signal that we could begin observing. I almost let out a squeak on seeing each and every child sitting on a chair assigned to him/her and looking at Miss Nadi with rapt attention. As she later told us (we could see them but not hear whats going on), she was hiding a felt worm cut out behind one of the apples out of three while asking the kids to shut their eyes (which only about 3 were doing) and then asking them to guess where it was - asking them questions like "Is it behind this one?" and encouraging them to answer "No", "No" and eventually "Yes!" and clapping and squealing with delight! We also saw little felt apples in each child's hand which they had to hand back to Miss Nadi at the end of the group activity when there name was called. As soon as she asked them to do that, 2-3 kids started walking all at once to her but they were asked to get back and wait for their name to be called. Finally they were asked to return their little chairs to their original place.

I was amazed at how well thought of and power packed little activites are here teaching such a variety of skills - listening, observing closely, following instructiions, using their imaginations, waiting for their turn, adding new words to their vocab - to name just a few. And it was impossible for most of us moms to believe that our child was capable of doing that.

I now wait so eagerly for the sound monitoring where a nursery monitor would be placed in the kids' room with the receiver in our room so that we can hear what all is going on.

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My Memories said...

sure, kids are learning quite alot. more than what we expect.