Monday, October 22, 2012

A few Chica updates...

...filling up our days the past few weeks.

Chica is being this rather outspoken girl at home, in an entertaining way, with an amusing answer/opinion on almost anything that is being talked about :) So we were playing this word game while having dinner and she thought of a word and was giving clues to Niño for him to guess the word. Now Niño always likes to team up with his dad, just to make it easy for himself. After a couple of hints, the 'team' guessed the word and it happened a few times in a row. Niño expressed his pride on playing so well, to which she remarked so casually "So what are you doing about it bhaiya, its all papa's work!" The way she speaks, its hard to suppress a smile. :)

The other day, she was telling me about her teacher at school who spells is as 'iz'. I told her that I don't blame her because that's how it 'sounds' actually to which pat came the reply "But mom, we know in English, its not always about the sound!" Again said in a rather straightforward, matter of fact kind of way from a little girl, it sounded rather funny. While still on the topic of spellings, which she is currently taking a lot of interest in, she sometimes, just for fun and silliness, asks me spellings of words like UPS, USA, TV, etc. The other day, she asked me to spell OK for her. I told her its o.k.a.y. May be she expected it to be O.K. or may be I had spelled it as that the last time, she said as much. I replied saying that both of those are valid spellings. "Why" was the next question to which I halfheartedly (more out of tiredness on answering such questions) replied "I don't know". "Well then why didn't nani (grandma) teach you why?" Uff, the persistent interrogator sure managed to bring a smile to my face again.

So she is being this buoyant little girl, happy in her skin, wearing a beautiful dress because she feels like dressing up with clips to match, dancing, looking at herself in the mirror, humming "I am the most beautiful girl in the world" with gay abandon. At other times, not caring how she looks with paint on her face or tears, previously shed, because she had a fight with her brother, now making trails on her soiled face, just drawing for hours on end,  still humming "I am the most beautiful girl in the world". I love your confidence baby and I love your free spirit. Stay the same!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct. 28: Halloween Magic 2 at the Akoo Theatre at Rosemont


Dr. Mark Kaschube brings tricks and treats to the Akoo Theatre
to raise money for local veterans
Special Appearance by “Quick Change” Artists David Mass and Dania Kaseeva

The Magic Dentist, Dr. Mark Kaschube, is putting on a show full of spooky Halloween tricks along with his ensemble of mischievous tricksters when “Halloween Magic 2” comes to the Akoo Theatre (formerly Rosemont Theatre) 5400 N. River Road, Sunday Oct. 28 at 3 p.m. Presented by Orange Crush, the Village of Rosemont and the Grand Dental Group, this show is guaranteed be a fun-filled Halloween experience for the entire family. Also on the program is one of the most original and astounding magic acts ever seen on the stage, “Quick Change,” featuring the astoundingly quick costume change act of David Mass and Dania Kaseeva.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to Salute, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides financial support for military men and women and their families. Last year’s event drew over 3,000 people and raised over $40,000 for Salute, Inc.

“Last year’s Halloween Magic was a tremendous success,” said Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens. “As always, the show offers thrills and chills for the entire family and benefits a terrific cause right here in our community. We are proud and honored to recognize the incredible contributions and sacrifice members of the military and their families make every day.”

Dr. Kaschube has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years and has maintained a dedication to community service throughout his career. He regularly puts on magic shows at preschools, participates in parades, and has even started a magic program for children that are deaf and hearing impaired.

David Maas and Dania Kaseeva are the stars of “Quick Change,” a non-stop, dynamic and superbly choreographed dance exhibition that astounds audiences with staggeringly rapid costume transformations in fractions of a second. It has been hailed as the most exciting and magnetic magic/dance act in the world today.

Whether presented on stage, on-court, or in a circus ring, their elegant metamorphosis are simply unbelievable. Since “Quick Change” debuted in 1996, audiences have responded to their incredible illusions with tremendous ovations—and left the theatre every night, wondering if they had not just dreamed what they saw.

Ticket prices range from $25 to $35 for adults ages 13 and older, and $15 for children ages 12 and younger. There are also a limited amount of a $99 VIP Meet and Greet package that includes one VIP ticket and an exclusive backstage after show with the performers and animals used in the production. For tickets and more information please, visit the Akoo Theatre Box Office, or purchase online at