Sunday, March 2, 2008

At 8 months, Jiya is upto ...

Ha!! What a month! The leaps, physical and mental, are nothing short of amazing when we look at this little girl, who in our minds is still a very small baby being the younger of the two siblings.

- So our surprise knows no bounds when she creeps forward to grab a Lego while I and Vansh are cleaning up, raises herself up and goes on to drop it in the box herself, while I thought she is going to toy with it for some time. Phew! So she now knows what cleaning up toys means. Keep it up little one :)

- The fights have begun! She got Vansh good the first time she roared back at him when he roared at her. He stood there for almost 20 seconds, with a 'finding it hard to believe that she had actually done that' look and didn't know what to do next except roar again. She was quick to retort again. In fact now she is the one to start it all when she can't find anything better to do. Mom is out of this till one of them cries after having read wise words from other fellow mom bloggers with grown up kids. And in fact enjoys the scene and even captures it on video.

- They fight but they can't do without each other. So while Jiya wakes up from her morning nap, Vansh runs to her room at the first whimper and demands that she be put among his toys to play with him. And Jiya creeps forward and follows him around if he doesn't come to her for some time. One of the best visual treats is watching them snacking together, looking at what the other one is upto while they take a sip and munch.

- She is getting more and more vocal, adding to her repertoire pa, pa, pa, mm, mm and ba, ba, ba sounds in addition to da, da, da. Like Vansh, the mmmma is reserved for situations of distress like hunger and exhaustion.

- She is getting ready to crawl. She assumes several postures suggesting the same, like getting down on all fours and moving back and forth, at times even taking a step or two before falling down on her tummy and creeping thereafter.

- She is now eating a lot of what we are eating. Very small bites of chapati with small bites of potatoes, bottle gourd, bell pepper, etc dipped in yogurt; rice mixed with yogurt accompanied with diced peach, banana, carrots (steamed), apples (steamed); small bites of buttered whole wheat toast; flavored upma (I proceed to make upma as usual for everyone else in the house and after adding the water to the sauted onions, kadi patta, vegetables from the frozen mixed veg pack, I take out about 6-7 tbsp of water and strain it to be left with just the flavored water in another pan and add the sooji. Jiya has this upma while we have the usual one with onions and vegetables) as also the usual oatmeal and mixed cereal, at times, mixed with sweet potato, carrots and peas, etc. Finger foods include cheerios, crackers, small bites of string cheese, etc.

- She is now taking two naps during day time ranging between one and two hours and sleeps fairly well during night.

- Has taken after her brother in flashing the best smile for the camera :)