Thursday, August 25, 2011

You know you are raising a geography geek when ...

- Flags of countries suddenly appear on your house walls as do maps to a beach you visited last weekend.

- He/she takes bites of chapatis in a way to make shapes of Mexico and South America out of it.

- Whose eyes become like big round saucers when you tell him that he has been to Kasauli, the mountains where are the part of the Himalayan Range and he screams, "You mean I have been to the GREAT HIMALAYAS!"

- Holds the following conversation with an 11 year old Korean boy from his Tae Kwon Do class when he meets him at the park :
V - Are you from South Korea?
A - Yes
V- Its that country behind the Great Himalayas, on the east of China, right?
A - I think so!
V - You know I have been to the Great Himalayas! Had I climbed to the top, I would have been able to see South Korea! Yeah right, Dude!!
V- They use a lot of robots in South Korea to do the housework, right?
A- They do?

- Passes remarks like - Its cool, cloudy and wet today. Feels like Germany.

- When asked his age, responds with zecks, seis, chhe and rarely ever six.

- Greets grandparents on Skype with Guten Morgan, ¿Cómo estás?, Adaab and the likes.

- When told that he can play on the computer for a few minutes, quickly opens up tabs to check the weather on the Moon and Sun (btw there are cities by both the names in the US :) ; opens up a world clock to see which is the place ahead of all in time; and the China Airlines page to see how much money he needs to collect for a ticket to China.

- And is confused what to buy from his first salary, the love of his life - an iPad or a ticket to China !

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cirque Shanghai Extreme

We try to take the kids to a lot of different places for the variety of experiences they offer. And Chicago has not ceased to amaze till now. We have been to a new place/show without repeating any, almost every weekend of the past 5 months we have been here and the list of to visit places continues to grow. We are happily continuing to explore.

The past weekend we went for the Cirque Shanghai Extreme show at Navy Pier. It was a fun show with several acts by acrobat performers who displayed their craft of tumbling, juggling, balancing and more. Full of music and dance, their was a warm appeal to the show as well because after every act the performers bowed with very warm and genial smiles, almost asking you to applaud wholeheartedly for their anyways great acts :) The acrobatic gravity defying acts always amaze me at the capacity and the flexibility of the human body and at the wonders it is capable of performing.

Jiya enjoyed the music and kept dancing on her seat while watching as Vansh watched awe struck. Given their age, they most of all enjoyed the acts which had a degree of cuteness to them. There was an act in which 10-12 men juggled their hats in several ways and did some silly things too which evoked laughter. They even called 3 gentlemen to the stage and taught them the juggling act which obviously they failed at mostly creating a rather funny scene, all in good humor though.

In another act, 3 girls danced in and out of hollow tubes treating us to rather terrific and unbelievable moves. Jiya like that the best.

I leave you with some pictures to enjoy. If you are in Chicago, I think its a great show to enjoy. It runs through Labor Day so there still are a couple of more weekends to go watch the Extreme.