Thursday, August 25, 2011

You know you are raising a geography geek when ...

- Flags of countries suddenly appear on your house walls as do maps to a beach you visited last weekend.

- He/she takes bites of chapatis in a way to make shapes of Mexico and South America out of it.

- Whose eyes become like big round saucers when you tell him that he has been to Kasauli, the mountains where are the part of the Himalayan Range and he screams, "You mean I have been to the GREAT HIMALAYAS!"

- Holds the following conversation with an 11 year old Korean boy from his Tae Kwon Do class when he meets him at the park :
V - Are you from South Korea?
A - Yes
V- Its that country behind the Great Himalayas, on the east of China, right?
A - I think so!
V - You know I have been to the Great Himalayas! Had I climbed to the top, I would have been able to see South Korea! Yeah right, Dude!!
V- They use a lot of robots in South Korea to do the housework, right?
A- They do?

- Passes remarks like - Its cool, cloudy and wet today. Feels like Germany.

- When asked his age, responds with zecks, seis, chhe and rarely ever six.

- Greets grandparents on Skype with Guten Morgan, ¿Cómo estás?, Adaab and the likes.

- When told that he can play on the computer for a few minutes, quickly opens up tabs to check the weather on the Moon and Sun (btw there are cities by both the names in the US :) ; opens up a world clock to see which is the place ahead of all in time; and the China Airlines page to see how much money he needs to collect for a ticket to China.

- And is confused what to buy from his first salary, the love of his life - an iPad or a ticket to China !


Sumana said...

Amazing at his age of 6. Truly smart. Man we need geography lessons from the little guy. Behind the Himalayas and east of China, he can just plot it so well. He is a geo whiz kid.

ayman said...

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Neera said...

Sumana: I know Sumana! I am so glad for his interest and the great number of resources available today to benefit from.

noon said...

Neera! Totally unbelievable! One day for sure I will see him on TV winning the geography bee! He has all the markings of such a winner!
Every time I read your post is when I think of exposing KB to more geography.

Rohini said...

That is awesome. Ayaan is like that about space. Can name moons of Jupiter and Saturn and stuff like that :)

Neera said...

Noonoo: Ha ha ha ..the same way as I will see KB winning the Nobel for Physics one day :) Those geography bee kids were nothing short of wonders, I mean I think about them so much I can't tell you. How can anyone know in such minute detail about every river/country/city on earth? Anyways I am content with Vansh being eager to learn and applying what he learns is an added bonus.

Rohini: Totally cool ... it is praiseworthy that they chose such things over so many others to get interested in, isn't it :)

DegeSMS said...

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Swati said...

WOW..thats amazing ..absolutely at his age.