Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Regressing ...

...has occurred at a couple of fronts with Vansh ever since Jiya came along. Cute at times, doesn't really matter at others and plain frustrating at some more is how I would describe it.

So while suddenly spending more and more time on his bouncy, lying down on his tummy under tables to play with his toys in an effort to be like Jiya is cute; imitating Jiya's babbling isn't quite as pleasant but doesn't really matter; when he starts putting in his mouth things like paper, coins and suddenly feels a need to experience what the table and even the bath tub feel like, it is just so maddening. And now that he has realized this is something that makes me mad and is sure to get a reaction, he does it to push my buttons.

Friends at ECFE offered a few ideas starting by ignoring him to offering him something to lick like a teething biscuit or a carrot and tell him while its okay to lick an eatable but not so to lick tables and bath tubs. I am hoping something works.

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