Friday, January 4, 2008

Jiya is upto ...

Wow!! 6 months already, thats a half year. Jiya is just flying by. Well here's what she has been upto this last month ...

- She now rolls over back and forth and sideways and horizontally and diagonally, which is basically saying that she is all over the house now. To keep her entertained, we scatter toys randomly in the room and that too is mostly taken care of by Vansh (he now wonders why I don't ask him to cleecum - his word for clean up when he's done playing with say his blocks) and she rolls and plays wit them as they come in her way. Choking hazards have to be kept an eye for.

- She's now able to raise her tummy supported by her arms when lying on her tummy which is the preferred position now.

- She loves to gobble down whatever is offered to her. We have to be careful that she doesn't eat too many Parle G's or crackers fed to her by her loving elder brother and then become constipated.

- She started babbling a few days back and repeats 'da da da' and 'bla bla bla' most commonly.

- She loves it when Vansh plays with her, even if that translates to snatching away toys that she lays her hands on. She'll smile and laugh as if he gave her the best gift ever. I am just waiting for the wars to begin once she realizes what's going on. Even though I was earlier telling Vansh to stop doing that but the fear that I was actually hastening the 'beginning of wars' combined with the 'Wow!! You are so good bhaiya' look on Jiya's face told me to hold off.

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