Monday, January 14, 2008

A few updates

Jiya's sitting up independently for a few minutes now ...before going *bump* on her side or her back.
Look closely at those tiny little ears ... for those shiny little studs.
We got her ears pierced on the 12th of Jan at Claire's at the local mall. They used the gun shot, putting 14 karat gold earrings in them to make the hole. She cried for about 5 minutes. Ashwini showed her some balloons and I showed her some dangling colorful earrings in the store and she was pretty happy to see them. After a few minutes, she slept like a log clinging onto me. When she woke up, she was fine and playful as ever. I need to clean her ears with antiseptic solution thrice a day for 6 weeks and rotate the ear rings 3-4 times each time I do that. And she does very well while I do that. For some reason, she lies absolutely still. I think she likes the cool liquid on her ears. The studs too are specifically designed for little ears. The back screw doesn't touch her ears like is normally the case. So there is enough room for rotating them and air and the antiseptic liquid to pass through. She occasionally touches her own ears and the earrings but it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Incidentally, Vansh cried almost as much as she did. Part of it was concern for her little sister crying so much (he does get quite meek even when she gets her shots) and part of it was fear that he would be next. I had to hold him and pacify him while he kept crying and saying "Ears tops nahi chahiye" (I don't want tops/earrings in my ears). A lollipop from the lady who did the piercing ws a bonus :)

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