Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Red Stop Green Go

Ever since Vansh started getting the concept of colors some 6-7 months back, one of the first things that fascinated him was the traffic lights turning from green to orange to red and he soon figured out, with our help of course, 'green go, red stop, orange slow' and pronto started generalizing it, much to our amusement, to things around of these three particular colors. For instance, if I asked him which t-shirt he would like to wear, he would say

"Green go pehnni hai." (I want to wear 'green go')

or would look at me and exclaim

"Mummy red stop pehnti hai". (Mummy is wearing 'red stop') or better still "Mummy red stop hai, Papa orange slow hai" (Mummy is red stop, papa is orange slow)

An interesting incident happened once at an Indian store where he went with Ashwini to get some groceries. Apparently, there were a couple of other customers in front of Ash and Vansh. The first one was holding a red basket full of groceries and the second one was holding a green one. Thoughtfully looking at those baskets and recalling the newly learnt fascinating information about colors meaning something, he was quick to quip in a loud and clear voice, enough to draw the attention of everyone who was involved and with appropriate hand gestures

"Red stop hota hai, green go hota hai"

as if to tell the person with the red basket to stop and make way for the person with the green basket to go cos thats what their basket colors signified. The green basket man was delighted and wished he could do that and everyone around mighty amused.

Another funny episode took place a few days back when I put up the camera battery for recharging in the charger. The light turns from red to green once the charge is complete. As soon as Vansh spotted the light turn green, he said too me in a hurried tone,

"Mummy, green go ho gayi. Jaldi le lo, orange slow ho jayegi." (Mummy, its green go. Remove it quickly, else it will turn orange slow)

It took mom a moment to realize the context and the meaning of the profound words and once she did, she was found doubling with laughter and once again delighting in the astonishing marvel, that's childhood


GettingThereNow said...

He is a bright young boy, our Vansh! Yup - green go hota hai and red stop hota hai. And that is why, dear Vansh, when you see Mom's face turning red, you should stop doing whatever you are up to :D

Neera said...

Ha ha ha ..you crack me up Cee Kay :))