Wednesday, January 30, 2008

At 7 months ...

Still a couple of days away from turning 7 months, but there's so much happening with Jiya that I thought I could comfortably sit and pen down all of that.

The second child is a totally different ball game from the first. With the first, we now realize, we had so much time at hand (even though at that time we moved around like busybodies trying to fit chores, outings et al into his routine). But we sure had time to look at every milestone achieved, try in our own ways to hurry the next one. I remember calling the triage nurse when Vansh was 2-1/2 months old with concerns about he seeming hungry every hour, secretly hoping that she would give me the go ahead for solids. First child, you know!! On the contrary, she told me to hold off even the next breast feed for at least 3 hours after the previous one. Phew!! At 5 days short of 4 months, I decided I couldn't keep my son away from the delicious food I was having any longer. Feeding struggles continue till date.

Huh!! Anyways this post was supposed to be about Jiya's 7th month updates. The digression happened because we look at Jiya, say banging two toys together and go "Hey, when did that start?" We are so busy keeping up to the demands of everyday life with 2 young kids that Jiya is just flying by.

- The separation anxiety phase didn't last very long, thankfully, and I think once children learn to put themselves to sleep, the separation anxiety takes care of itself. So now she stays busy first sitting up for 5-7 minutes and playing with a few toys that reach upto her sitting up height. She then falls over and starts rolling to explore the other contents of the room. We have to be particularly careful about Vansh's toys with small or relatively sharp parts lying around, as also the plug points being covered. I once spotted her fiddling around with that too. What keeps her occupied for the longest time is 'cheerios' :) - yeah she is exercising those tiny little fingers and getting better at her fine motor skills with every passing day. Small bits of paper, a thin rope are other things that she works at getting in her pincer grasp.

- When she is not sitting, she loves to roll and scoot on her tummy to reach toys or us if we are sitting farther away. Almost always on the go, curious and exploratory is what her sibling-care teachers at ECFE (thats where I started leaving her once she turned 6 months, when I go with Vansh to his class) have to say about her every time.

- She loves drumming :) and toys that make some sort of sound. Given a toy, she'll first shake it to see if it makes some sound; if not, she would try to bang it to some other toy or book or box in close proximity or on the floor. In case of no sound, she would drop it as something of not much worth. At times, she is content banging her swing table with just her hands. Vansh's quip "Jiya tabla baja rahi hai" (Jiya is playing the tabla).

Just like the older sibling, this one's too is a child of changing tastes. So while apples and pears were gobbled down with much delight a few days back, its just non sweet eatables like sweet potatoes, dal, carrots now.

- Adores a silly little rhyme I play with her bouncing on my knees which goes something like

Rickety roo, rickety ree
Jiya is bouncing on mommy's knee
Rickety roo, rickety ro
Pull the horsie, Whoa!!
Rickety roo, rickety rup
Jiya is going up up up
Rickety roo, rickety round
Watch Jiya fall to the ground!!

This is sure to light up her tiny face anywhere anytime even in the middle of the night, at times, when nothing else works! However, in all fairness to Vansh, who naturally wants to be bounced around too and with whose body weight, I am not capable of doing this more than twice in one go, I have to limit it with Jiya as well.

- She does this little thing where she makes a fist with her right hand and rotates it in a clockwise direction, moves it up and down as if kneading floor. It reminds me Vansh used to stretch out both his hands as if riding a bike.

- New people make her wail for a few minutes before she returns to her normal smiley self and unlike Vansh, she shows a preference for the mortal beings that are her parents!! Thank God!! Vansh, at this age was so happy to go to perfect strangers and not return to us that he actually had us thinking on numerous occasions whether there was something wrong with what we were doing!

- Tickling makes her laugh out loud. And inspired by none other than our son, who's more often than not, a volume 11 person, she too enjoys experimenting with the loud booms she is capable of making.

** Editing to try out the irresistible nimbu mirchi anti-jinx designed by the hilarious Dotmom **