Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vansh is upto..

Updates for Vansh in his 28th month -

- says "mamma नाम है Neera", "papa नाम है Awini (for Ashwini and sometimes when we break it into parts for him, he says Ash and instead of wini says Pooh from Winnie the Pooh :)
- has been saying "छोटा छोटा baby" and kissing my tummy so many times in a day now and is waiting anxiously for the new arrival.
- fascination for trucks and cars continues to grow with every passing day.
- sits like a saint in Sarita aunty's lap for the longest time ever; doesn't want to play/eat/do anything when she is around except be close to her. We tease her he is your long lost lover from some past life :)
- chants his friend Arnav's name like a जाप innumerable times in a day.

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My Memories said...

so sweet of him...specially 'winnie the pooh' part. God bless Vansh and chota chota baby