Thursday, June 28, 2007

The never ending magic of Mary Poppins!!

There are some things that are so deeply intertwined with your child's life that life, at least in the present moment, seems unimaginable without them. Winnie, Vansh's beloved teddy bear is one of such things and the second is the good old classic Mary Poppins. A fascinating movie about a delightful nanny Mary Poppins played by Julie Andrews , the world's most magically idealised nanny "practically perfect in every way"; her friend Bert, the charming sweep, artist and musician, all in one, played by Dick Van Dyke and the Banks family consisting of mom, dad and the 2 kids Jane and Michael. The movie mainly depicts the various fantastic adventures of the kids with their nanny with magical powers from jumping into paintings; riding merry go round horses; having tea parties on the ceilings; dancing in and out of chimneys et al. The enchantment is never ending.
And Vansh enjoys each and every bit of it. His favorite is the song 'Just a spoonful of sugar' where in the nanny and the kids tidy up their nursery with a snap of the fingers. Now the most interesting part. I cannot thank Mary Poppins enough for helping me to make Vansh do all sorts of things right from eating to walking to setting his mood right when he is having a particularly rough time. Being the very fussy eater ever since he was 8 months old, a fool proof way to make him eat was to switch on 'spoonful of sugar' and Viola! the food was fast gone! That it meant playing the song twice at every meal and hence 6 times in a day is another story. No wonder now each and every one in our family, including Vansh knows the song by heart :) even though he cannot sing the whole of it. When Vansh is lazy to walk half the distance left while coming back from our walk, guess what I have to do - no prizes - sing the song along with him holding his hand and he joins right in "and Snap!! we are home". A surefire way to perk him up when he is low and down is to play the movie from the point when Mary Poppins reaches the Banks household and opens up her carpet bag to a whole lot of mirrors and lamp shades and stuff like that and in no time is he giggling away to glory. I have thought of writing a fan mail to Julie Andrews so many times but have never got down to do it. I think I must! Its amazing to see even after watching the movie hundreds of times (without exaggeration), it still continues to charm him and us alike. Hoping the enchantment continues!!

P.S. : Needless to say, I highly highly recommend watching and enjoying the movie together for all families.

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My Memories said...

wow thats great...Vansh is so much enchanted by this movie? i'll sure give it a any chance if u have the soft copy of it them pls. forward me.
in a way u've dissapointed me....ur writting this long blogs...come on , how much we have to wait...hahaha ...
Loads of love to Vansh and his bro/sis.