Friday, June 8, 2007

My Baby Shower

Some of my friends got together today and gave me a cute little baby shower. Its touching as well as so very pleasant to have caring friends who share your joys and go an extra step to make you feel special. It was indeed lovely to enter Shalini's house and see cute decorations spelling out 'Neera's Baby Shower', streamers and balloons and a chair covered with a lovely yellow silk saree.

To begin with, all my friends did a small puja, putting haldi and kumkum on my forehead, put fruits and rice in my lap and prayed for the baby's good health. They also gifted me a Target gift card, which I'll put to good use for baby shopping very soon :) We then had a photo session with all the kids :)

Yummy treats followed thereafter with a mouth watering menu of pav bhaji, pulao, idli sambhar chutney, gajar halwa and gulab jamuns.
Finally the kids had a lot of fun with each other, palying with balloons and toys and generally turning the room into a mess.

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Anonymous said...

wow that was great .....its nice to have such thoughtful friends....i wish i was there....saw ur full album (as always) ....ur sasu ma seems to be cool lady ;) take care