Thursday, June 21, 2007


An eternal favourite with Vansh, blowing bubbles is a sure way to perk him up when he is having a tough morning. His teacher at ECFE deliberately blew it on his nose to get him to uncontrollably giggle out loud. He finally got the hang today of blowing silently rather than the loud 'phrrrr' that he used to do earlier.


Neelima said...

I must tell u yaar, jitna sincerely tu apna blog update karti hai..hats off 2 u!.....mere jaisi big time aalsi ke liye to ye ek lesson hai ;)……its amazing to read about ur n vansh’s day to day small-small activities…the way he’s learning to speak, eat...just everything!

My Memories said...

how cud i forget to comment's something bhavya did with his bubble gun few days back...he pinted the gun on his head and had foam all over his was litrally like he's applied shampoo in his hair all by himself