Monday, June 18, 2007

Peep peep ZOOM!!

Vansh is so very fascinated with cars and trucks these days. From running to the patio to watch each and every garbage truck that comes to pick up trash from our and the adjoining apartment buildings till the very end to the cars that pass by when we go for a walk, he keenly observes them all. He holds the logos of the one parked in the parking lot and goes 'Peep peep zoom!!' I am absolutely certain that he can differentiate the different makes - Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, et al already. When he enters the car to go somewhere, he definitely takes a chance by asking us to sit in the driver's seat, secretly hoping that we'll let him be in-charge some day if he is persistent. Needless to say, his favorite toy these days at home is a school bus which makes sounds and moves at the push of a button. And the latest is that he now places his foot or knee in that bus and says "जाना है".


Anonymous said...

this is something exactly what Bhavya does....he's got quite a collection of cars and still want seems all the boys r same:)

Love to Vansh

Diksha said...

Neera, just saw your blogs.You ofcourse write very well and I think its a fantastic idea that you are recording so much of Vansh's growing up and how is shapes up your everyday.Wonderful idea, the beauty of which will only grow with times to come.Imagine showing this off someday to Vansh's children as their grandmom. This is the best gift a mother can give to her child, and also to herself. Its an amazing thing to do.I'm very very impressed.Keep it coming on!!