Friday, June 15, 2007

Tough tough tough!!

Vansh is being an extremely tough eater these days. He's way too picky - on one particular day he eats only the cucumbers from his lunch not even touching the roti and the sabzi, on another he would eat plain roti giving the rest of the meal a royal ignore. He refuses to be fed too by me or anyone for that matter most of the times now. And lunch is the toughest meal; as a result he takes a pretty short nap and wants to have milk at all odd times. Add to that the terrible two's he's going through. Its exhausting to have a cranky hungry toddler at hand who's learning to exercise his independence.
I try several things; the one that works not very well but somewhat better than others is to give him his food about 10 minutes before everyone else so that he doesn't get too much attention on the table (read 4 people asking him to eat something) and praise him when he takes a bite himself - this still doesn't ensure that he tries everything on the plate. Another strategy is to keep him busy with my cellphone or one of his favorite movies - I know not exactly the right one but don't know what to do if he refuses to eat anything and I know that he is going to become very cranky soon after as a result.
Suggestions are most welcome, desparately needed in fact from friends reading this post!!


Anonymous said...

no one can better understand the sorrow of being a mum of the fussiest of eater in the world....u know he would have hardly had a biscuit on his own in his entire life (2.5 yrs) leave alone food. i think u try giving him something other than roti and sabji for lunch....dont force him ...probably he is bore with roti....try giving daal chawal,curd rice with salt,pasta(my son like it sometimes) or treat him with maggie for lunch...dont stress urself if its just the matter of lunch , i've seen my son hungry all day, dont know where they get the energy from.other menus can be dosa,poha,upma(with veges). u can grate some carrots in dosa batter...i do it sometimes. try reducing on the milk before lunch. or if he is too reluctant on having lunch then give him heavy breakfast so that he doesnt starve himself .....when i talke to my doc about my son's problem he said ,"dont worry , no child has ever starved themselves to death " , so rude....let me know if u need more inputs..
good luck

Anonymous said...

i cant give any idea about non veg food as m a vegetarian.....i feel a change in the menu should help.


mummy said...

beta deepali has suggested very good ideas, try these and lets hope,everything shall be fine soon