Saturday, June 2, 2007

Getting too tiring at 35 weeks!!

I have been telling my friends that pregnancy just should not be as long the second time round. Chasing a two year old 24/7 is a full day task in itself and a physically, mentally and emotionally challenging one at that; top it with cooking, cleaning and the daily household chores and what you have is a totally exhausted me by the end of the day!! Settling down at night is no longer easy either with turning sides seeming like a Herculean task in itself. But I am really thankful to God for giving me the strength and patience; I am not losing my sanity at Vansh's quirky behaviour as much as before; I am indeed proud of myself for still going down on my knees several times in a day while taking him to pee in the restroom or to scrub the kitchen/bathroom floor. I do get shaky legs at the end of the day and had a couple of severe cramps too in the middle of last night but thats something that cannot really be helped with it being almost time for the new addition to the family. And as distinctly as I remember (and somewhat dread!) the sleepless nights, the 'so frequent' feeds, the backaches once the little one arrives; yet once again I am longing for this phase to end soon and just as I write this, wishing for at least 6 more months to fly by so I have a settled, routined, sleeping through the night baby in my arms ..ha ha, wishful thinking :)

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