Tuesday, June 5, 2007

36th week OB appointment

I had my 36th week OB appointment today; they become weekly from now on till my delivery!All was well. I gained 2 pounds since last time which was 2 weeks back (Thank God!! I was expecting that I would have gained at least 5 lbs from having devoured all the goodies recently arrived from India), putting my total weight gain, by far, at 22 lbs. My blood pressure was normal at 110/66. The nurse chose to skip testing my haemoglobin this time as all the previous readings were excellent(according to the nurse) at 12.9. I also had a Group B strep test. The baby's heart beat was normal ranging between 148-152 beats per minute and the uterus measured fine as well.


Anonymous said...

good to learn that all's going well.....sure it'll end well too...cant wait....i think u need and deserve a good luck.


mummy/papa said...

god bless u beta...every thing shall go very very fine dear, our lots of blessings are always with u & lord krishna always take care of nice/brave people...now we are also awaiting good news and counting each day passed...god bless u always dear...with lots lots and lots of luv...mummy/papa