Thursday, June 7, 2007

Vansh is getting ready ... seems, for the new baby. Ever since we took the maternity unit tour last Saturday and Vansh saw a couple of tiny new born babies there and quite intently at that, he could probably make the connection with what we had been telling him for the few past weeks. He's been telling us in his own broken language "Baby car लाओ/चाहिऐ" standing for "Lets get the baby from the hospital in the car" I am naturally very glad and relieved to see at least his initial excitement and eagerness to get the baby home. Before this, I had no idea whatsoever on how Vansh is going to react. At times I felt he might be very interested and at others I felt, he just wouldn't care. Jealousy, of course would take over at some times. I got him this book 'I'm a Big Brother' from the library on's recommendation. Its a neat book with nice and appropriate pictures on everyday situations like feeding, changing diapers, going to the park, how the baby needs extra care and how the Big Brother can help, at the same time reinforcing his individuality as well. We have also been working particularly on teaching him the concept of 'taking turns/waiting for his turn' at swings/slides in the park or even while speaking to each other when at home emphasizing when its the elders' turn to talk and when its his. It is sinking in gradually, I feel, as he himself uses words like turn and wait in the appropriate context. I also encourage him to share whatever he is eating with his dad and his grandparents who are also here these days. So much for preparation, ultimately I have my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Neera Children prepare themselves and understand whats happening around them. I am glad Vansh is trying to understand. He will soon be a responsible and understanding big brother :)
Take care

Anonymous said...

he's going good Neera and so r u. U sure r God's gifted child to have lovely parents waiting bak in india for the good news and urself having just about to complete a family picture, u sure r gifting urself by creating these lovely memories to cherish. My eyes were watery after reading ur parents comment in one of ur last posts. There were such intence emotions in those words...they too must be having damp eyes while writing it.Sometimes we develop a bond with people so quickly. I to m waiting for the good news eagerly now. All my Best wishes....have a happy and healty baby.take care