Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thank Man for voice chatting softwares and webcams... :)

I keep remembering the days when my friends teased me, looking at the over-protective upbringing my parents bestowed on me, saying that they wouldn't let me leave even after I get married. We ourselves looked for prospective matches for me in South Delhi preferably. Well that was then and what now is the fact that I am miles and miles away from my parents (7382 miles to be precise) Obviously unbearable at first, time smoothens out a lot of rough edges and teaches you a lot of coping strategies, and one of the most helpful and wonderful has been voice chatting softwares like google talk and yahoo messenger and webcams. Its such a consolation for me as well as for them that I can chat with them as often as I want to and the fact we can see each other live. This especially means so much to them to be able to see Vansh doing all his tricks and pranks.
Vansh too enjoys these conversations with both his set of grandparents and greets them with a loud 'nana' or 'dada' when he sees there pictures on the computer screen (at times even before that, as soon as he sees the yahoo messenger window :) and even gives them a 'kissi' on the mic or the computer screen itself :)

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