Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A usual day gone awry!!

Sometimes I wonder how just a usual routine day suddenly becomes so unusual by just one simple action. Monday, this week was one such day. I, Ashwini and Vansh went for our usual evening walk. Now, these days one of Vansh's favorite activities is to throw pebbles in the lakes closeby. He loves to hear the 'plop' sound and watch the ripples as they come and go. At times, we step down a bit so he can be close to the waters and he spends some time there doing that. A usual everyday activity. Now what made it freakish that day was that as soon as we stepped down, Vansh suddenly ran towards the water in a direction in which he normally doesn't and fell down because it was extremely muddy and mushy there. Ashwini ran after him and immediately picked him up and set him outside, but it was then that we realised that it was actually a swamp (दलदल) ; something we had only read about earlier. He literally went down almost 4-5 inches in a matter of seconds; his slipper was caught in there and he was not being able to pull it out. I told him to just let the slipper go and pull himself out which thankfully he was able to do. So we walked back home with Vansh all dirty, my t-shirt dirty from holding Vansh, Ashwini's jeans dirty and no (fairly new) slippers on his feet. We made quite a sight. After giving Vansh a nice warm bath, I immediately put in the clothes in the washer, to realise the next morning that Ashwini's wallet had gotten washed too with all its contents. Phew!!

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Anonymous said...

oh that could have been worse...good that all of ur fine....i got worried when i read ur post half way thru and was laughing by the end of it .....just imagining all 3 of u in that condition coming bak home....ohhhh i cant control my laugh....