Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MOMS club cooking class

Today was an interesting day in a different kind of way. I held an Indian cooking class as part of the local MOMS club that I am a member of. It is a club for stay at home moms in about a 5 mile radius in Eden Prairie. We have about 2 activities per week organised by members of the club itself. In summers, its usually play dates at parks, fun hour at a member's house backyard, etc. In winters, its more of indoor activities. Story book crafts where we read a story and do a simple craft; recipe club where each of us makes something and shares the recipe are a regular feature. Its a fun way to socialise for the moms as well as the kids.
One of my friends and co-members Kelly Laurie had suggested to me some time back, after having liked a couple of different Indian dishes I had made at a couple of different occasions to hold a cooking class. She was really sweet to even offer her kitchen for the same. So I did that today; the turnout was great, a total of 14 moms; the 'aloo tikkis'(potato cutlets) and 'chai'(tea) which I made and held a demo for turned out great too. I myself had the tikkis after a long time. Some of the kids tried them too.

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