Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fun with 'Curious George' at Children's Museum

We went to Minnesota Children's Museum today where the 'Curious George' exhibit is on which happens to be Vansh's absolute favorite cartoon character. "Sparking children’s learning through play", being the mission of the museum, it offers excellent learning opportunities for kids of all ages by invoking their imagination through fun and interesting play activities. The permanent galleries include 'World Works', 'Earth World', 'Habitot', 'Our World' and 'Rooftop Art Park'. In addition there are special exhibits where in a particular character or a television series is the theme and a whole room consisting of several activities show cases that particular theme.

Vansh had a lot of fun going down the slide at the Curious George exhibit, he especially liked to go 'bump' at the end :); playing with water boats at the Water Works gallery; getting his hands wet and drying them again and again under the dryer; levering foam blocks up an inclined plane; switching off and on different colored lights; driving the bus at 'Our World' gallery and last but not the least grocery shopping and being the cashier in the local grocery store again at 'Our World'.

Vansh after having gotten over his initial fear of a hand dryer, went back and forth again and again getting his hands wet and then drying them :) He did get distracted though by the fun stuff to play with in Children's Museum.

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