Thursday, May 3, 2007

Self feeding.. one of the things I want Vansh to accomplish before #2 comes along. Though kids his age are capable and do a reasonably good job at it, I am the one responsible for not giving Vansh enough opportunity to do the same. Its so much more convenient to feed him myself, one because I know exactly how much he ate(or rather make sure that he ate every bit of what I put in his mouth) and two because its faster. But after having spoken to a couple of friends and the SHIELD nurses who visited us two weeks back, I have realised that he is quite capable and in fact its going to come in quite handy when I'll have my hands full with the newborn at home. I started it with his breakfast today because thats the only meal we don't really eat together (I usually eat a banana and a cup of milk). Its tough to control my motherly instincts when I am eating with Vansh to not put a spoonful on his mouth when I see that he is not doing it himself or taking too long :)

Pretty pleased with himself :)

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