Friday, May 18, 2007

Graduation Day!!

All good things come to an end. So did the good old ECFE. It was Graduation Day!! It was a lot of fun on Fridays; Vansh enjoyed going to 'cool' (school) and off late he had also started remembering his class mates' names 'Asia' for Gracia, 'Zacky' for Zackarie. They had a small Graduation Ceremony in class; kids were made to go on a small bridge and come down from the other side while everyone sang the 'Special' song for each of them and their teacher Karin Elliason handed them a certificate on having completed the program successfully.

This was the closest we got to taking a class photograph of 2 year olds :)

It was then treat time - cookies, cup cakes, strawberries. The parents class was special too where Charmayne Sletten, the parent educator divided us into two teams of 3 families each and made us write down on paper flower petals characteristics of one family in the other team. By the end each one of us had nice feel good comments about ourselves and our child to take home. (Click to enlarge) We finally headed to the play area outside, where the children played for some time and the parents bade each other good byes. Ashwini too spent the day working from home and was able to be with Vansh on his special day :)