Thursday, May 10, 2007


Kids, in their enthusiasm to learn and please parents with what they have learnt can sure be so funny at times. For the last 10 days or so, Vansh asks about each and every thing he is given to eat or drink or even hold "hot है?". And mind you each and everything - a glass of water, milk, apple chunks, chapati, an orange, a juice box and even things like keys or toys or a spoon. Its like one of those phrases which becomes almost a reflex - hand him something and instinctively he'll ask you "hot है?". He even inquires about the water when I am in the shower!! Now its funny at first but gradually it does start getting on your nerves. So I, like an 'enthusiastic mom', went ahead and diligently started putting into practice my newly read about skills of expanding and adding to a child's vocabulary - "नहीं बेटा, hot नहीं है, warm है or cold है" depending on the temperature of the item in question. So after 4 days of drilling in the concepts with several items of varying temperatures, guess what our conversation is like now when I hand him say the phone:
Vansh : Hot है? (Is it hot?)
Me: नहीं बेटा (No, son!)
Vansh: Cold है?
Me: नहीं (No!)
Vansh: Warm है?
Huh!! I am not complaining!!


Anonymous said...

thats so cute....they sometimes get into never ending question answer son does the prepared to answer his every increasing silly questions(even such questions they already know the answer of)

Neera said...

I am waiting for that stage :)!! I wrote to u y'day on the e-mail id that you gave me. Did you get my mail?