Monday, May 7, 2007

The lovely Spring greens and the chirping of birds

Its been raining for the last 2-3 days and is expected to continue the same way most of this week. But the temperature is pretty comfortable at about 16 to 20 degrees celsius. (I still don't get it in fahrenheit even after being in the US for more than 3 years), so I don't really mind the rain. The entire surroundings are rapidly turning green as if being painted by the master's hand. Its so invigorating to look at the soothing hues while taking a walk; so cheering to be woken up by the chirping of birds every morning; so relieving to be able to step out in the patio without wearing a jacket and the view from the bedroom windows is stunning yet again. Just waiting for the flowers to bloom now to add more color and bounce to the springing beauty.

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