Monday, May 7, 2007

Putting words together!

Its indeed fascinating if you sit down to think about what goes on in the kids' minds when they are learning to talk. I realised this when Vansh said two words 'baboosh' and 'ओत्ती' several times and I just couldn't make out what he was saying. It was only after he pointed to his bottle of 'bubbles' that I understood what he meant. Earlier he had been pointing to the place where he had seen the bottle at some point of time but it was no longer there and so I couldn't understand what he meant. Similarly he pointed to the sky and finally to a bird when I understood what he was meaning to say is 'Bird उडती है. ' Phew!! And that was what set me thinking. How does he actually learn how to talk? He listens to me and others talking to him using a particular word and then tries to associate it with the thing we are using it for. Now this goes on for the thousands of words we use each day. Evidently thats not easy at all. I mean I remember the constant nagging at the back of my head to try to figure out what 'baboosh' and 'ओत्ती' stood for. Now imagine when a child is trying to figure out what 'apple' and 'banana' and 'खायेगा' 'जाएगा' and 'red' and 'गन्दी बात नहीं करते' and innumerable other words or phrases stand for. At the same time, as one of our friend says each adult that the child meets tries to enthusiastically teach him/her something, some more new words!! Add to that the nuances we expect our child to master 'boy सोता है' ; 'girl सोती है' ; 'Vansh सो रहा था' - oh my my!! Thinking all this has made me go a little more easy on him and pass it off with a smile when he still says 'Arnav सुसू आया' :)


deepali said...

i have read many of ur blogs and really appreciate ur choice of words and the way u frame ur sentences. Moreover, its very nice to see that being a mother of 2 and 7 months pregnant u gather the energy and find time to write blogs. U r really inspiring. Keep up the good work. R u on orkut?? would love to get in touch with u.

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