Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday afternoon feedings

Wednesday afternoons, usually become a little challenging when we return from ECFE at about 1:30 and it is already Vansh's naptime and he still needs to be fed (yeah FED, which boy doesn't feed himself at close to 3 years) and so does Jiya. So I have a hungry and sleepy 2 year old (now thats a DEADLY combination) and a hungry infant (she is smart enough to take her nap during the parents' class - oh yeah she's had enough of complaining moms and dads!!). Well today was different in a very pleasant way because I decided to take-out Chalupas - a current favorite with Vansh, from the Taco Bell drive thru. This ensured one happy kid out of two. Now to take care of the second who flails her arms to be picked up to be at the table and then goes chomp chomp chomp, I handed her a Parle G biscuit instead. Let me post pictures to let you see what happened next.
and 5 minutes later, I have a triumphant and happy second kid as well!!
Icing on the cake, they both napped simultaneously for two hours straight!! Wow! It couldn't have gotten any better than that! God please don't let such scenarios be jinxed just because I am writing about them.


~nm said...

You have such adorable little kids! My first time here after you wrote on Anirudh's blog.

Will keep dropping by and have added you to the blog links as well! :)

Neera said...

Thank you dear, glad to have you here!