Friday, December 14, 2007

Main busy hoon ...

There are many a times Vansh wants to be played with, especially ever since we introduced him to board games. He would lay down 'Cherry O' and pronounce "Vansh orange khelta hai, Mummy red khelti hai". And on several such occasions I have to tell him "Beta, mamma abhi busy hai. Abhi aape aape khelo, main thodi der mein aapke saath khelti hoon." (Mom is busy. Play by yourself for some time and I'll join you in a bit.) Last night he was sitting on Ashwini's lap while he was working on his laptop when I asked him to come and brush his teeth. "Main busy hoon" pat came the reply. Huh!! Kids sure know how to give parents a taste of their own medicine, right!!

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