Monday, December 10, 2007

Jiya oh Jiya...

... How I wish time would stop right here, with you being just the perfect size for our hugs, the perfect sight and a stunningly lovely one at that for our eyes, the perfect sing song voice which is music for our ears, the perfect baby smell which pleases the olfactory nerves like nothing else does. To top it all you are so generous with your hugs and kisses for us, Wow! we can't believe you already know how to take out that 'puchhh' sound too when you open your mouth the widest you can and scoop in our cheeks. Not to forget the "You are the best mom/dad/bhaiya in the whole world" looks you give us when you think we are coming near you to play with you. Of course we have to stop right there to do just that. Everything else can wait. We are head over heals in love with you, our gorgeous little darling. We love it when you roll over and over till you find yourself stuck in a corner and then cry for help as also when you scream to be picked up and sit with us at the table for the meals and actually force us to feed you bites of chapati, aloo, dahi, chicken even. Yes my dear, 5 months and you have had it all. Another favorite is bouncing on mommy's knee on 'The Grand Old duke of York' or watching her perform 'Tick tock I am the little cuckoo clock' for your pleasure or better still bhaiya dancing just for you on 'Lets get on the bus'. And we love to do it all for you our sweety pie. Cuddling you and squeezing you close and rocking you are our favorite activities these days. We are enjoying you so very much.
Well darling, just felt like penning down all that you are upto these days, hoping I'll be able to relive these moments by reading about them.

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karmickids said...

Lovely lovely post, and adorable pics.