Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lots of snow and not much to do!!

We had over a foot of snow over the weekend and its snowing some more today. Huh!! It can only get more cold than this at the North Pole, we are absolutely convinced about that. Its hard to while away time, especially in the evenings. It gets dark at 4:00, its obviously impossible to go out and you keep wondering what to do till bedtime apart from half an hour of dinner, say. We play boardgames, read books, play with building blocks, take Vansh for cycling in the corridors and even rides in the elevator and there's still time left. Huh!! One of Vansh's ways to idle away time is to switch on the lights which we put up on Diwali umpteen times a day, and
pronounce Happy Diwali!


Meghna said...

Hi Neera,
Your blog is so good and much fun to read! I too am a kid but a little elder to your kids! I liked your blog and will be a regular reader from now onwards!

Neera said...

Wow!! It is so refreshing to have a young visitor and admirer of my blog. I am a big fan of kids your age you know. I taught them for a couple of years and totally loved it and hope to get back to that soon. Incidentally I glanced through your blog as well but a cursory glance is all I could manage right now - two demanding kids of my own you know. But from what I could make out, you are doing a great job, I read a couple of stories and loved the. Shall visit you soon to comment in detail. Take care till then.