Friday, December 21, 2007

Pretending to be a parent!

Lightning McQueen, Winnie, Teddy and Doggy are assigned a few toys by Vansh and are told "Toys share karna, no shouting, no pushing, OK!"

Getting to be someone's parent is so much fun, hanh!! :)


Meghna said...

Looks like your children are giving you a happy time! Merry Christmas to you and to them too! :D
Have you decided a Christmas gift for your kids. I too am a kid waiting for my gift so i suppose your kids must be waiting too!

Neera said...


They sure are!! Well hope you got what u wished for on Christmas. For us, we thought we'll let our kids grow some more and actually start asking for gifts on such occasions. Right now, we pick up things on 'what's needed right now' basis :)