Friday, December 14, 2007

Acting all grown up :)

Now a days whenever I call Ashwini in office, Vansh too wants to talk to him. For that matter, Vansh wants to talk to anyone we call. At times if Ashwini happens to be in a meeting or just generally busy or may be driving, I tell Vansh "Papa abhi busy hain/ drive kar rahe hain, baad mein call karke baat karenge/ghar aane waale hain, phir baat karna". One such day, Ashwini called back after some time. When I handed the phone to Vansh, he scrunched up his eyes and sounding like a grown up, said
Vansh -Papa busy ho, meeting mein ho, hanh?
Ashwini -Nahi beta meeting mein nahin hoon.
Vansh - Nahin? Drive kar rahe ho?

At this I couldn't control my laughter any more and burst out laughing which made him all conscious to which he stuck out his tongue and started laughing himself.

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