Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vansh is upto ...

At 29 months, Vansh is ...

- extremely exploratory as to how his little sister functions :) Sometimes she's his phone where her face or her little tummy is the receiver, at others she is his toy whom he wants to pick up immediately and at yet others she serves as his little teddy whom he wants to feed everything he is eating, especially Cheerios. Most of the times, she happily complies. I joke with Ashwini that she must be considering all this a part of her daily care :)
- reading random letters on a particular page and then saying the word corresponding to the picture on the page. For instance, say on the title page of his book My Car is written 'My Car by Byron Barton', he would read M, C, R, B, look at the picture of a car below and then proudly pronounce Cars. But at times reads all the letters of a particular word in the correct order.
- is corresponding the correct number (at least upto 5 or 6) while counting the number of things if they are not too randomly placed.
- still loves to play with his blocks and is making structures other than just tall buildings made by stacking blocks one on top of the other. Loves to 'spill them' even if he has a minute of free time - probably likes them lying that way on the living room floor.
- quite understandable in what he is speaking 70-80% of the times, at least to us. Leaving the nuances like correct verb usage, tenses, etc for later, he is using the correct labels for almost all everyday things and the correct action words. The funny part is that when the kid he was closest to was his friend Arnav, everyone used to be "कर रहा है, जा रहा है" etc, now that its Jiya, it has become "कर रही है, जा रही है" and so on :)
- also becoming increasingly vocal about feelings like happy, sad. Our hearts melt when he says things like "mummy/papa sad hai?" We are trying to make him express his anger in the same way rather than shouting or hitting.

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