Sunday, August 5, 2007


Snug after a warm massage and bath

Happy drumming away to glory

Read an excellent article on Raising an Imaginative child on and have been putting some ideas to practice. Vansh loved the home made band which kept him busy for quite some time and also gave him an opportunity to let off some energy and listen to some loud self made sounds. Have also been making sounds for the cars and trucks or situations like things falling down, etc while reading story books (after getting the idea from reading the article) and Vansh shows renewed interest in reading them complete with sound effects. Its also helping him add words like 'ambulance' and 'siren' to his vocabulary, as also 'elecent' standing for 'excellent'.

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My Memories said...

thats great...will read the article and put the tips into practice.....though Bhavya has always been into making sounds like cooker's vistle,vaccum cleaner,papa's cough etc even before when he was one yr old.
Jiya has taken on Vansh, just adorable.