Monday, August 6, 2007

Books Vansh is enjoying these days

I am really glad to be spending a lot of time reading with Vansh these days. He demands a lot of my time and attention and I am able to do that while feeding Jiya. Even though he wants to read and re-read the same books again and again but like they say 'Repitition is the hallmark of toddler years'. Once he learns something, he enjoys repeating it because he can anticipate what's coming next.

Well as mentioned in several posts before, the fascination with cars and trucks continues. Some of his favorite books are :
Trucks by Byron Barton - Garbage trucks, tow trucks, cement trucks, delivery trucks delight him every time he sees them. He now likes to identify their colors and count how many of them are going on the bridge or through the tunnels. He has been reading the pictures now for over 4 months and it still is undoubtedly his favorite. There have been times when the book has also acted as a comfort object for him. He wanted to have it with him while sleeping when I was in the hospital for delivery. :)

My Car by Byron Barton - Vansh loves this one for its bright, bold illustrations and calls the main character Sam as 'Sam Uncle' who fondly takes care of his chunky little car. He also likes to point to traffic lights saying 'Red means Stop, Green means Go' and likes to read letters of words like 'WALK' , 'SLOW', 'BUS', etc.
After his great liking of these two books by the same author, I got a few more for him from the library and hope that he enjoys them just as much.

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry - I didn't know before just now when I searched for it on Amazon that this one has been around and a favorite for many many years and am not surprised to know that. There are so many vehicles on any one page of the book that Vansh can sit with one page open for almost 3-4 minutes and likes asking me pointing to each one "mummy क्या है ये". He loves to see interesting situations like tomatoes and oranges falling out of trucks; all vehicles crashing with mayhem all around and off late has also started giving sound effects to the same.

Well as of now, I really hope and wish for this interest to grow and blossom.

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My Memories said...

i know,just cant stop talking about their facination for cars and trucks...never knew so many varieties of trucks existed, nice book to read for me too ;)