Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ash Nee are upto ...

Yeah, you read it right. Had to write a post about ourselves. Never before have our lives been so happening and never ever shall we forget this time.

- We spend our evenings discussing or rather trying to discuss how I survived yet another day with Vansh's tantrums and exclaiming "Oh God! Just what were we thinking before we decided to go ahead and have another little one!" Vansh fooled us by being such an adorable little guy listening to and following what we told him when he turned 18 months (not that he's any less adorable now but now the adorability is strictly restricted to the fact that he's our son. His behavior contradicts the adorability!). Thats when we thought "Hey life is simple after a kid turns 1-1/2!" We had NO idea what terrible two's are all about.

- We hear more NO's in a day today than probably we have heard in our whole lives! Brushing teeth is a no, eating meals is a BIG no, cleaning up is a no, saying hello is a no, going to sleep is ...you guessed it right, again a NO!! What is truly intriguing is the fact that things that Vansh enjoys doing like taking a bath is also a NO! And when we comply, he wants to take a bath after an hour when its time for something else. Whosoever said 'Understanding women is impossible' hadn't dealt with a 2 year old for sure. Like a friend says "Everything in our house is an issue!"

- As Jiya becomes more responsive and hence more playable, we try to steal moments to play with her and see her toothless grin when Vansh is in another room, lest he gets tempted to explore what makes this little toy laugh and what makes her cry.

- After renting a movie for a week and still not being able to find the time to watch it, we decide to keep it for another couple of days and pay the fine and are still not able to watch it! Phew!!

- After the usual "How are you? Great!" with good friends, we urge each other "Now lets be honest!" and are refreshed to hear answers like "Terrible!" With strangers, we (I and Ashwini) exchange satisfactory and "Yay!! We are not the only ones" glances when we see another child having a tantrum in the mall or on the street!

- As much as I want to go on writing, messy rooms, dirty dishes and a HUGE pile of laundry beckon!!

Bye till next time! And even though I just read an article about living in the present moment, I can't help but think that when Vansh reaches the "good" age of 4 (as claimed by some friends who have older kids), Jiya would be 2!! The saga continues ...

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Anonymous said...

whatever u say, u still find time for writting ...and to let u know dear waching a movie is equally impossible with one toddler that too an easy toddler.