Saturday, August 4, 2007

Farewell Arnav!!

In LA, Mar 2007.
We bade farewell to Vansh's best buddy Arnav and our close friends Sarita and Deepak as they left for India today. Ashwini was going to the airport to see them off and Vansh insisted that he wanted to go too. Ashwini was a little nervous as to how he would react on seeing Arnav leave, considering that he is so very close to the entire family and spends almost every evening playing with him, but Sarita re-assured us that she'll take care he is fine. I called Ashwini when he was at the airport and he said Vansh was fine and was sitting in Sarita's lap and giving Arnav 'big hugs'.

I know, Vansh is too small right now to understand Arnav's going away to India for good. He thinks he's just going for some time and will return by probably tomorrow evening to play with him again. I know he'll really miss him. Hope he's able to adjust well!!

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