Saturday, August 11, 2007


We went to the Oak Hill Splash Pad in St Louis Park today. There were bubbling hoses, water nozzles and sprinkler arches for tots to enjoy and play in. It was the equivalent of running through the sprinklers on a grand scale. Obviously Vansh had some splashing fun. It was a delight to watch him squeal with glee, more so because even though he loves water, somehow he no longer enjoys real lakes or beaches or even our apartment swimming pool. I believe their largeness is overwhelming for him at this age. So at home he is limited to the kitchen sink, the bath tub or on some days his little pool in the patio. It was fun to watch him run around splashing after an initial hesitance to go in.

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Anonymous said...

hey....dont know how i missed on this it just now....vansh seem to have a great time....saw all the pics on picasa, was missing u and Jiya.