Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jiya is upto...

At 6 weeks, Jiya is ...

- becoming fond of posing for the camera just like her brother has been ever since he was so little.
- lifts her head up for brief periods when put on her tummy.
- starting to make few sounds like 'coo' and 'aaa'.
- loves being massaged and bathed. Displays her contentment by making pleasant faces.
- has special smiles reserved for Vansh whom she watches quite intently when he is playing or doing a special dance just for her.


Neelima said...

Hey such a lovvvvely pic it is! Jiya reminds me of my nephew Sarthak..when my sis came to stay wid us in january, he was just a month old n used to do the same things as Jiya..he too was so fond of posing for the camera :)..
God bless her!

Anonymous said...

at 6 weeks Jiya is already smiling ...such a sweet smile, God bless the bro sis pair.