Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vansh's talking - some specimens.

Vansh has been verbalising quite a bit now. His vocabulary seems to be increasing with every passing day. Some of the things he has been saying these days :-

  • He has been adding the word 'आया ' to every word he knows which is fine as long as 'सुसू आया' or 'Papa आया' but it starts getting hilarious when he says things like 'दुदु (for milk) आया' or 'apple आया' when actually what he is trying to say is he wants those things.

  • He has a toy laptop which makes a sound of 'meow' when you press the letter C and then spells out 'cat' and similarly sounds a music note (to which responded to as Wow!) when you press H before spelling out the word 'harp'. Till about 2 weeks back, thats what Vansh started associating these letters with. So whenever we asked him pointing at the letter C as to what that was, he would say meow and not C. Similarly, pointing to H he would say Wow! :) I really wish I had made a video of that but unfortunately the phase passed by very soon.

  • It took me almost 3 days to figure out when Vansh kept repeating 'baboosh' that he was referring to 'bubbles'. He totally loves playing with them. Even his teachers at school love his loud unsuppressed giggle when the bubbles land on his nose or cheeks.

  • He has become very particular about not forgetting to say 'Hi' to everybody he passes by when he is taking a walk outside. Whats funny is that he refuses to let anyone ignore him by going on saying 'Hi' till he gets one in response. Also he has been remembering to say 'Tak you' when we gladly offer to do him a favor :)

  • My favourite is when he says 'nai night' and 'mimi' (for sweet dreams) before going to sleep at night.

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