Friday, April 27, 2007

The simple yet divine joys of being a MOM :)

A sudden hug or a kiss by your own cherub; calling out 'mommy' almost as a reflex when excited or surprised or scared; a 'tak you' greeting at the simplest gesture of being handed over a glass of water is what makes motherhood truly worthwhile and as they say divine :) It makes your heart melt, your eyes moist, your worries go away, in short takes you to a different plane. And it is especially true if you are tired and having a rough day. Today being a Friday was in general a more tiring day as usual - pregnancy related insomnia does strike me at times now; Vansh had woken up at 5:30 am out of the blue and of course ECFE also tired me out some more. Somehow, he didn't take a long afternoon nap either which left me unrested and sort of cranky and impatient by the evening. As a result, I snapped more than what was acceptable when Vansh, who is now going through the process of toilet training, wet his underwear. When I bent down to change them, he caught my face and gave me a kiss on each cheek and then a tight hug. This came as such a lovely surprise, more so because it was so very different from how he usually reacts. I am amazed at how the attachment gets stronger and stronger with every passing day. Makes us value our own parents so much more.
At night, he once again touched my heart by spontaneously following his usual 'night night' by 'take care' as if he knew exactly how much I needed to do that :) God sure shows signs of his beautiful presence in the purest forms of humanity.

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