Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"The days don't seem to pass but the years go by so fast!!"

It was this so true line that I read coupled with some more thoughts going on in my mind for the last few days that finally made me decide to write an everyday blog, focusing more on my kids (now that I know I am having another one soon :) daily ventures, the hustle and bustle which makes each day truly worthwhile, the unadulterated joys of childhood, the innocent pranks of a kid which make you want to look forward to the next one with every passing moment; cos before I know the years will fly and all I'll be left with shall be memories. The best I can do is to pen them down so that I can fall back to refresh them vividly rather than remember them as a blur. I wish I had started earlier for so much seems to have passed in the last 2 years but as the cliché goes 'Better late than never!'

Vansh is so thrilled these days to be constantly remembering his recently passed birthday. He would suddenly beam with joy and pronounce proudly 'Machh titeent' (for Mar 16th) followed after a while by 'Budday'. The other trick up his sleeve is to please me by saying 'tak you' (thank you) before even I do what he gets to need done - he sure knows how to get things done the cute and polite way.

Guess who just turned two!! Vansh posing with his favourite character Curious George on his b'day cake.

The little one is also keeping pretty active these days. I read the baby's height is already about 15 inches which drives home the fact that time is running fast before he/she is actually born at about 19-21 inches. Still about 10 more weeks before things start getting more spacious for you, outside the womb I mean, little one!!

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